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Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

Address PAEC General Hospital Sector H11/4
City Islamabad
Tel No. 051-9257171
Fax No. 051-9258862
Receipt No 157561
Tender No Tender Notice NO. 15/2021
Description The following instructions may kindly be followed while submitting your quotation. Instructions to Tender: 1. The quotations should be addressed to Admin Officer PAEC General Hospital H-11/4, Islamabad. The bidders shall submit their offers with reference to clause No.36 (b) of PPRA rules i.e. Single Stage - Two envelopes bidding procedure as per following details: i. The bid shall comprise a single package containing two separate envelops. Each envelop shall contain separately the financial proposal and the technical proposal. ii. Envelops shall be marked as ?TECHNICAL PROPOSAL? and ?FINANCIAL PROPOSAL? in bold and Legible letters to avoid confusion. iii. Initially only envelop marked ?TECHNICAL PROPOSAL? shall be opened. iv. Envelop marked as ?FINANCIAL PROPOSAL? shall be retained in safe custody with out being opened. v. The technical proposal shall be evaluated with out reference to price and any proposal which do not conform to the specified requirements shall be rejected. vi. No amendment in the technical proposal shall be permitted during evaluation. vii. The Financial proposal of bids shall be opened publicly at a time, date and venue announced and communicated to the bidders in advance of technically accepted bids only. viii. Financial proposal of the bids found non-responsive shall be returned un-opened to the respective bidders. General terms & conditions: 2. All the Technical and Financial Proposals in Separate Sealed Envelopes clearly marked as ?Courier Services [Tender No.15/2021]? should reach to undersigned on or before the tender opening date i.e. 20.12.2021 at 10:00 hrs. Technical bids will be opened on the same day at 11:00 hrs at (Conference Room) PAEC General Hospital Sector H-11/4, Islamabad in the presence of bidders who submitted their offers as per instruction/ requirement and wish to be present. In case of falling holiday on the opening date, the tenders will be opened on the next working day at the same time. 3. No tender will be considered if:- a. It is received after the date and time fixed. b. The tender and related documents are not signed. c. The offer is ambiguous. d. Items offered differ in description etc from those required. e. It is without earnest money or with less earnest money as a general policy. 4. Firms are required to quote rates in Pak. Rupees. Offer shall remain valid for a period of 90 days from the date of opening of tender. The offer less than this period will be rejected. 5. Running contract will be awarded for one (01) year (extendable) 6. Earnest money Rs.30,000/- in the form of Pay Order/ Bank Draft, in favour of Sr. Accounts Officer, PAEC General Hospital, Islamabad, must be attached along with the Technical Offer in separate sealed envelope. Earnest money will be returned to the unsuccessful bidders soon after finalization of the purchase proposal, and retained in case of successful bidders till satisfactory completion of regular contract agreement. 7. The following are required to be mentioned in the quotation and copy also attached:- - Letter of registration under sales Tax Act 1990. copy - Income / Sales Tax Registration No. - Active Taxpayer list (ATL) 8. Special Instructions: i. PAEC General Hospital is exempted from GST ii. No changes will be allowed during the currency of contract in supplier?s distribution and the supply orders will be generated in the name of same supplier quoted in the tender. 9. Any correspondence regarding this tender must be addressed to Admin Officer, PAEC General Hospital H-11/4 Islamabad only. For any additional information?s please contact on telephone numbers as given below. 10. The Competent Authority reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the offers.
Advertisement Date 30/11/2021
Closing Date 20/12/2021
Closing Time 10:00:00 AM
Opening Time 11:00:00 AM
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Estimated Cost
Tender Nature National
Earnest Money
Bid Validity 90 days
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