These standard, sample, and trial documents have been prepared by the World Bank for use by borrowers and their implementing agencies in the procurement of goods, works and consulting services.

         Bid Evaluation Form: Procurement of Goods and Works
Consultant-Sample Evaluation Report
Consultant- Standard Request for Proposals - for Borrowers
Prequalification Document: Procurement of Health Sector Goods - Trial Edition
Prequalification Document: Procurement Works & User's Guide
Procurement of Goods
Procurement of Goods & User's Guide (Trial Edition) - World Bank's Harmonized Trial Edition
Procurement of Health Sector Goods: Bidding Document and Technical Note
Procurement of Information Technology - Single Stage
Procurement of Information Technology - Two Stage
Procurement of Performance-based Management and Maintenance of Roads -Sample Edition
Procurement of Simple Works - Trial Edition
Procurement of Textbooks & Reading Materials - Trial Edition
Procurement of Works-2004

Procurement of Works - Smaller Contracts
Supply and Installation of Plant and Equipment



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