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Organization Name

National Database and Registration Authority NADRA

Address Ground Floor Procurement Department Regional HQ Building Mauve Area G10/4
City Islamabad
Tel No. 051-9108145
Fax No. 051-9108188
Receipt No 109785
Tender No 224/2017
Description INVITATION TO BID Manufacturing, Supply &Installation of furniture works for NADRA Registration Centre (NRC) Gujranwala 1. National Database & Registration Authority invites sealed bids from the Suppliers / Contractors etc. registered with Income Tax and Sales Tax Departments and who are on Active Tax Payers List (ATL) of the Federal Board of Revenue for Manufacturing, Supply & Installation of Furniture Works of NADRA Registration Centre (NRC) Gujranwala. 2. Bidding documents, containing detailed terms and conditions, method of procurement, procedure for submission of bids, bid security, bid validity, opening of bid, evaluation criteria, clarification / rejection of bids, performance guarantee etc. are available for the interested bidders at below mentioned address. Price of the bidding documents is Rs.1000/- in cash (non-refundable). 3. The bids, prepared in accordance with the instructions in the bidding documents, must reach at the address mentioned below, on or before 1100 hours on 18thDecember, 2017. Bids will be opened on the same day at 1130 hours. 4. All the vendors are requested to provide request for issuance of tender documents on company letter head including nomination of authorized representative (Name & Designation) for presence at tender opening. At the time of tender opening company rep must possess company employee card. PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT (HQ) GROUND FLOOR (RHO ISLAMABAD BUILDING) MAUVE AREA, G-10/4, ISLAMABAD PHONE NO 051-90391854 FAX NO 051-9108188
Advertisement Date 30/11/2017
Closing Date 18/12/2017
Closing Time 11:00:00 AM
Opening Time 11:30:00 AM
Tender Documents No Attachment
Estimated Cost
Tender Nature National
Earnest Money 2% of quoted amount
Bid Validity should remain valid at least three months
Bidding/Tender Document Cost