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Pakistan Aeronautical Complex

Address Directorate of Logistics Aircraft Rebuild Factory
City Kamra
Tel No. 05190992298
Fax No. 0519225500
Receipt No 108629
Tender No ARF/PROV-007/2017/18
Description 1. Sealed tenders are invited from sales tax registered firms for supply of following stores:- S No. Tender No. DESCRIPTION QTY DETAILS (a) ARF/PROV-007/ 2017-18 Part No. 6810-68-900-0458 Noun: MEK 3850 Ltr Cleaning Effectiveness 70% Expiry date at least 01 year after receipt at ARF MSDS, TDS and COC with technical quotation Suppliers can contact through telephone No. 051-90990 Ext 2260 during working hours regarding any query. 2. There should be no mixing of rates and quotations (Technical quotations with Commercial quotations). More than one quotations in one envelop will be rejected. 3. Technical Offer: Technical offers should be without prices and contain all relevant essential specification along with literatures / brochures. Tender number, date of opening and word (Technical offer) should be clearly marked on the face of envelopes. Sample of quoted product (free of cost) must be provided alongwith technical quotation as sample of their product and their inclusion in competition will be subject to technical clearance which includes 70% cleaning effectiveness of the product. Quotation without sample will be considered as rejected. MSDS, TDS and COC are also mandatory with quotation. 4. Commercial Offer: Commercial offers should indicate prices of quoted items and confirmation to the terms and condition of our tender inquiry. Tender No. and words ?Commercial offer? be marked on the face of envelope. 5. Bid Money/Earnest Money: The Earnest money @ 5% (not exceeding 0.150 M) will be deposited by all firms irrespective of registration status in favour of Managing Director ARF in the form of Bank Draft / Pay Order at the time of opening tenders in, separate envelope. Earnest money will remain deposited till the finalization of commercial quotes. It will be returned to unsuccessful bidders immediately after finalization of commercial quotes and on receipt of Performance Band Guarantee acceptance from CMA (DP) Rwp, to the contractor signing the contract. Quotation without earnest money will be rejected. 6. Both the envelopes of Technical and Commercial offers should be enclosed in one cover properly sealed and bear the following address of this office with tender number and opening date:- Director Logistics Aircraft Rebuild Factory Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra - Distt. Attock Opening of Tenders: (a) The quotations must be in original and are to reach at this factory on 10:30 hrs on 17 November, 2017. (b) No quotation will be accepted in photocopy, through fax and after due date and time. (c) Tender will be opened on 17 November, 2017 at 1100 Hrs in the presence of available representatives in the conference room of Dte of Central Procurement PAC Board Kamra. We reserve the right to cancel or rejected all bids / proposals at any time prior to acceptance as per PPRA rules. 7. Validity of Offer: The quotation should be valid upto 30th June, 2018. Offer with less validity will be rejected. 8. Delivery Period: Stores are required within minimum possible delivery period. Offer with minimum delivery period are likely to be preferred. However, the delivery period should be factual as no extension will be subsequently granted except under extreme / un-avoidable circumstances. 9. Country of Manufacture: Country / place of manufacture of stores are to be provided along with Technical / Commercial offer. 10. Release of Payment: Payment will be released by CMA ISOs Rawalpindi on submission of proper bill / sales Tax invoice, copies of GST registration / Professional Tax certificates, Sales Tax Return of current financial year and copy of relevant SRO. 11. Acceptance of Stores: The ordered stores will be accepted by concerned technical user and our quality department along with warranty. 12. SINGLE/MULTIPLE OFFERS: Only one offer can be made in relevant currency for same item. Multiple rates, if quoted, will be rejected. 13. RESTRICTION OF EXPORT / IMPORT LICENSE: Offer subject to restriction of Import/Export License will not be entertained. 14. Bank Guarantee against contract performance It will be between 5% to 10% of total value of contract excluding taxes/duties and freight/handling charges etc. It shall remain inforce till 60 days beyond the Delivery Period stipulated in the contract.. 15. APPLICATION OF OFFICIAL SECRET ACT: All matters connected with this inquiry and subsequent actions arising thereafter fall within the scope of the Pakistan Official Secret Act 1923 which forbid providing contractual information to unauthorized / unconcerned person/organization. The firm is therefore, requested to ensure complete secrecy regarding documents and stores concerned with the inquiry to limit the number of employees having access to this information. 16. PRICES The prices quoted must be per unit of issue / accounting unit as shown in the ?Schedule to Tender? inclusive of sales tax/excise duty and surcharges. The breakdown of taxes/excise duty is to indicated separately. The prices must be stated for each item separately both in figures and words in Pak currency. Over writing / erasing in prices will be rejected. Also provide certificate ?Certified that stores offered are factory new and from latest production and prices quoted are not more than the international market prices and also not more than those being charged from other buyers?. 17. DISQUALIFICATION: Offers are liable to be rejected if: - (a) There is deviation from any instruction described in this invitation to tender. (b) Offers are found conditional or incomplete in any respect. (c) Multiple rates are quoted against one item. (d) Manufacturer relevant brochure is not attached (in case of equipment or major assemblies of equipment). (e) Offer received later than appointed time and date. (f) Tender specification if not confirming to the offer. In case of equipment/ major assemblies manufacturer?s brochures shows specifications different from those given in tender. (g) Offer subject to restriction of Export License. (h) Over writing /erasing in prices. (j) Validity of offer is not quoted as required in IT or made subject to confirmation letter. (k) Earnest money not provided. 18. TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR TENDER INQUIRY (a). Items to be delivered at ARF on ?FOR? Kamra basis. (b). Supplier will be made responsible for warranty/guarantee of items. (c). Prices and part catalogue be provided free of cost (if applicable). (d). Items should be Factory New (FN). (e) Stores will be inspected by concerned user/quality control of ARF. (f) Supplier must provide MSDS and TDS along with the stores. (g) DOM and DOE must be marked clearly on the consignment. 19. ELIGIBILITY OF SUPPLIER FOR TENDER . (a) Only registered suppliers, who are on Active Taxpayer List (ATL) of FBR are eligible to supply goods / services to ARF, PAC Kamra. (b) Payment will be released on the basis of Active Taxpayer status of the suppliers as per FBR database. If any registered supplier is not in ATL, his payment should be stopped till he files his mandatory returns and appears on ATL of FBR.
Advertisement Date 2/11/2017
Closing Date 17/11/2017
Closing Time 10:30:00 AM
Opening Time 11:00:00 AM
Tender Documents
Estimated Cost
Tender Nature National
Earnest Money 5%
Bid Validity 30/06/2018
Bidding/Tender Document Cost