General directions and administration of the Authority and its affairs vest in a Board which may exercise all powers, perform all functions and do all acts and things which may be exercised, performed or done by the Authority. The Board consists of the following:

Sr. No Name & Designation Status Telephone No.
1 Secretary, Finance Division, Chairman 051-920-2373(O)
Fax: 051-920-1857
2 Secretary, Ministry of Industries & Production,  Member 051-921-0192(O)
Fax: 051-9207748
3  Secretary, Defence Production Division,  Member 051-927-0930(O)
Fax: 051-927-0944
4 Secretary, Ministry of Water & Power  Member 051-920-2335
Fax: 051-920-6272
5 Secretary, Ministry of Housing & Works Member 051-921-4283(O)
Fax: 051-9202952
6 Secretary, Ministry of Communications  Member 051-922-0190(O)
Fax: 051-922-1300
7 Private Member  Member Vacant 
8 Private Member Member  Vacant 
9 Private Member  Member Vacant 
10 Managing Director, Public Procurement Regulatory Authority  Member/Secretary  051-922-4824(O)
Fax: 051-922-4823





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